Top Ten Reasons to Take Your Destination Wedding to Florida

When planning a destination wedding, there are multiple things to consider. Is it an outdoor wedding? Then weather is a major concern. Is it a large group? You’ll need plenty of accommodations for your guests and family. We’ve put together a list of great reasons to choose Florida for your Destination wedding.

10 – Travel – Whether you’re a road-tripper or a jet-setter, our convenient airports and highways make our proximity a simple trip from anywhere on the east coast.

9 – Cruises – Compliment a perfect wedding with a relaxing getaway honeymoon to the Bahamas.

8 -The Beaches – Beautiful beaches make for great photo shoots and relaxing in the sunshine.

7 – Ease of Travel – Florida offers many ports, airports and train stations to move your guests in and out of our incredible state.

6 – Friendliness – Floridians are known for our down-to-earth nature and friendly, open hospitality. A melting pot of vacationers, long-timers and Florida born folks creates a potpourri of friendly faces.

5- Food – We put the “farm” in farm-to-table. Fresh produce, seafood and fine restaurants permeate the culture of the Sunshine State.

4 – Accommodations – Staying at Grand Event Manor is an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime. Up to 10 guests can stay at the Grand Event Manor.

3 – Attractions – Our proximity to Disney, Universal Orlando, Sea World & multiple other fantastic attractions make a destination wedding to Florida a perfect choice.  When the wedding excitement has ceased, thrill yourself with rides, shows and a robust night life.

2 – Weather  – there’s a reason there are “snowbirds” – Our weather cannot be beat. Warm and sunny and soothing to the soul, in Florida… every season is “flip-flop” season.

1 – Incredible sunsets – A sunset in Florida is a thing to behold. Your wedding photographer should take advantage of the pink, purple, orange and blazing beauty of a breathtaking Florida sunset.

Are you ready to visit one of the finest of these fifty states and book your Wedding Package? Hurry – optimum times are going fast.