Tampa – Destination Wedding Perfection

Wedding season is right around the corner!

Couples everywhere are planning their big day, and for many, that day includes packing up their closest friends and family and travelling to a beautiful location for a destination wedding. Some head to France or Italy, others find themselves in Tahiti or Costa Rica. San Diego, Virginia Beach, and the Florida Keys are closer to home for others. One of the best locations, however, is nestled in the white sand beaches of the Gulf Coast: Tampa, Florida.

Regardless of the time of year, Tampa has a multitude of offerings for even the most discerning couple. The beachfront is a classic location, with pristine sand and gorgeous sunsets, not to mention the ever-present palm trees and stunning hibiscus blooms. For those who like the beach but are more interested in indoor venues, there are historic hotels, lush estates, and even the Florida Aquarium nearby. How many people can say they had manatees as wedding guests?

Once the perfect venue has been booked, there is time to check out some of the perks to picking Tampa for a destination wedding. The most important one? Ease of travel! The Tampa International Airport is a bustling air traffic hub, with hundreds of flights arriving and departing daily, so the only difficulty guests will have is deciding on flight times. If a guest doesn’t want to fly, Amtrak conveniently has a station right there in town; train travel can be relaxing and fun, without the stress of driving and trying to agree on what music to listen to. Of course, those who like a good road trip will also find that I-75 runs almost straight through Tampa. The saying goes “Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” and that is definitely true for travelling to Tampa.

One of the best things about Tampa as a wedding destination, besides gorgeous landscapes and beautiful weather? The food! Like most major cities, the variety of food available is astounding. In Tampa, the Cuban influence is almost impossible to miss. It touches everything from seafood to barbecue, two more staples of local cuisine. There is a fantastic mix of historic and modern restaurants throughout the city, and any number of catering options to give a fresh twist to the usual chicken or fish dishes found at most receptions.

One simple page is hardly enough to cover everything Tampa has to offer, but it’s a good start. There are numerous museums, theme parks, and other cultural attractions for guests to entertain themselves before or after the main event. Tampa truly has something for everyone!

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